Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can  Zandra teach me how to cast a spell on my own?
A. This is not a good idea. Casting a spell is a unique mix of art and science that Zandra has spent more than 35 years perfecting. She is a “gifted one” blessed with extraordinary telepathic and psychic powers that simply cannot be taught.

Q. How can Zandra cast spells for me if she has never met me?
A. Good question. Because psychic and telepathic ability is not necessarily restricted by time and distance, the important element is the “connection” between Zandra and her client. If the connection is made, it doesn’t matter whether they are in the same room or hundreds, even thousands of miles apart.  She can cast spells unique to you.

Q. How will I know if the spell has taken effect?
A. If it involves a relationship, for example, is the person behaving any different? Is he or she being more reasonable? Is there a change in attitude? If it’s a money spell, be alert to changes in your financial situation.

Usually, when the seeds are planted you can rely on your instincts, your “sixth” sense to see if the spell is having the results you’ve requested.

Q. Is Zandra successful every time she casts a spell?
A. Unfortunately, no. And any psychic who tells you otherwise is not to be trusted.

However, there are two ways to determine if a psychic is talented and honest. The first is by the number of clients who return time and time again. Of course there is no way for you to check on this, although it is interesting to note that Zandra’s repeat clients outnumber her new clients.

However, there is a second way to check: Is there an unconditional guarantee?

Not only does Zandra offer an unconditional guarantee  on her cast spells, with no questions asked. But she also lets it extend out to one full year after the spell is cast. That should tell you how confident Zandra is in her ability to assist you.

Q. Was Zandra born with this elevated psychic ability?
A. Let Zandra explain for herself: “When I was about ten or eleven, my mother explained to me that she knew I had vast intuitive powers when I was still in my crib. She said I would nod or shake my head when she was merely thinking of things. She said I could read her mind before I was able to talk.

“My mother was a psychic – not as gifted as myself – and she recognized I was blessed with superior psychic abilities.”

Q. Does Zandra ever do harmful things with her psychic and telepathic powers?
A. Zandra prefers to use her “gifts” in a positive manner. However, if a client asks for a relationship to end because it is a destructive relationship, Zandra will oblige. The same holds true when a client is being unfairly harassed by a person who wishes to inflict pain. Zandra will assist the client, reversing the discomfort and unpleasantness back on the perpetrator.

Q. Does Zandra feel her powers are increasing, remaining the same, or decreasing?
A. Interesting question. Here’s Zandra’s reply. “Not sure if my psychic powers are increasing because they were pretty formidable from the beginning.

“However, after all these years of experience, it’s easier for me to summon or “awaken” my intuitive powers and focus and concentrate my efforts directly on target. So perhaps my percentages of success are higher now because I am more familiar with how to apply and enforce these gifts.”

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